Welcome to A.D.Stuart Associates Technical Training

Currently we are offering the following courses:

Introductory Overviews

1. Acoustics Fundamentals

2. Noise Control Engineering

3. Structural Vibrations and Sound

4. Underwater Acoustics and Sonar Systems:
    4A. Underwater Acoustics I & Passive and Active Sonar
    4B. Underwater Acoustics II & Selected Sonar Systems

5. Engineering Mechanics

6. Math Refreshers for Engineers
   6A. Calculus with Analytical Geometry
    6B. Differential Equations with Laplace Transforms
    6C. Linear Algebra with Excel Applications
    6D. Partial Differential Equations & Boundary Value Problems
    6E. Applied Statistics with Excel Examples

7. Fundamentals of Engineering Refreshers (Web-based)
    7A. Engineering Mathematics
    7B. Engineering Mechanics
    7C. Mechanics of Materials
    7D. Fluid Mechanics
    7E. Thermodynamics
    7F. Electric Circuits

8. Fundamentals of Vibration Measurement and Analysis using Matlab

9. Fundamentals of Digital Audio

10. Fundamentals of Sound and Vibration Measurements

11. Introduction to Acoustic Transducer Arrays

12. Radiated Noise of Ships and Marine Structures

Other courses

For more courses, including one, two and three day courses, please visit the online course section of Dr. Stuart's related site, Math-Mentor.com

To register for a class, or if you have any questions about our offerings, please contact Alan Stuart, Ph.D

Dr. Alan Stuart